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The Incredibly Strange ABCs

Not since the English language was standardized with the introduction of the printing press has the alphabet been so hep. In his off the wall picture book debut, cartoonist Tommy Bishop presents a far out menagerie known as The Incredibly Strange ABCs. And when these alphabetic weirdos make the scene, it's really the most. Dig?

"Combining the subversive silliness of underground comix with the elegant grimness of Edward Gorey, The Incredibly Strange ABCs will enchant both children and adults with addictive tongue twisters and surreal scenarios. Roused from a stupor produced by reading too many humdrum alphabet books, parents will laugh along with their tots as they explore Bishop's absurd and wondrous world."
-Julia Elliott, author of The New and Improved Romie Futch

"As a father of two budding weirdos, Bishop's The Incredibly Strange ABCs was a revelation; far more fun than the stuffy, homogenized alphabet books I grew up with as a kid. These strange illustrations and clever wordplay never fail to illicit giggles or downright maniacal laughter from my children. The weirder, the better, and this book has it covered."
-Steve Daniels, segment director of Drafthouse Films anthology ABC's of Death 2.5.


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