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The Incredibly Strange 123s

Tally-ho! It’s The Incredibly Strange 123s, cartoonist Tommy Bishop’s nutty numerical follow-up to The Incredibly Strange ABCs. Since the dawn of man, we have been counting. In fact, we were counting on our fingers way back when we were dragging our knuckles. Now you too can carry on this time-honored tradition by counting all the no-counts in The Incredibly Strange 123s.

"The moment I saw Tommy Bishop’s artwork it hit the magickal part of my child brain. Many, many people try to do this sort of artwork and many are great but most fail in this specific quality. This quality has to come from somewhere very deep inside, and has to be real. Tommy has this special quality. This is something that cannot be bought, sold, studied or learned- it just is and knows no time frame. And this is the best part of Tommy Bishop‘s artwork. It always brings a happy tingle, and whether this can be conveyed by a child of 6 or 70, or not, is not the point, you can see it in our faces. And in our souls."
- Howie Pyro, Intoxica Radio/Danzig/D Generation

"From his truly Incredibly Strange ABCs to the new Incredibly Strange 123s, Tommy Bishop takes us for a learning expedition on a school bus fueled by cookies and lime Jell-o and destined for Parts Unknown.  Tommy takes a dollop of inspiration from Edward Gorey and boils it down with his own unique and brilliant vision of mirth and mayhem- and learns the kids, and us grownups too, the basics-- always with a twist. Go, Tommy Bishop!"
-Miriam Linna, Norton Records


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